MONOPOLY / Hasbro / Nintendo 64
Monopoly for the NES was one of the best board game conversions ever ... this one doesn't have the same charm, but it is solid. It looks colorful and cute, it moves along at a good clip, there's no major issues. If I have to complain about something, I'd like some better music than the tepid techno that starts up on the title screen and just continues on into the game ... and the icons have that plasticy ugly Donkey Kong Country pre-rendered look to them, though the animated character models look better once you actually get into the game.

I guess if you want a party game version of Monopoly and this one is on the cheap for an actual console or a digital download, it's worth going for. It does allow you to tinker around with the rules quite a bit, and the computer can propose trades as well as allowing for more complex swaps than the NES classic did. Better than that 2012 PC release from Popcap anyway.
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