MMOS: Selling Virtual Goods, Accounts and Services

Most MMOs have policies against selling or exchanging accounts, and many have policies against selling in-game equipment for actual money outside of the game. So we're going to be dividing this section up into two main sub-sections: LEGAL, which features officially sanctioned stuff that allows you to sell items for cash (like Diablo III's former Auction House feature), and NOT SO LEGAL, or ways to sell items and accounts that skirt the established rules of the game world.

Keep in mind that selling accounts and items is usually simply responded to by banning your account (and maybe your IP) in the United States, but laws may vary in other countries. South Korea recently had a high-profile court case regarding whether selling of in-game gold could potentially be a crime, and other countries may have remittance transfer regulations that cash trading of in-game items could technically violate. We are not lawyers and are not even going to attempt to cover global legality issues, so do your own due diligence before undertaking some business master plan to sell accounts or items.

TOS violations? That's dangerous thinking. Take me to the LEGAL games only, where it's safe.

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