Released as a tech demo a few years ahead of Another Metroid 2 Remake (AM2R), Metroid Confrontation is a small self-contained game with its own little map. It's kinda like playing a ROM hack, except much more impressive as this was all built from the ground up.

It's also impressive how polished this is considering AM2R wouldn't come out for five years after this was released. Though the level design and layout is on the basic side, the game engine feels almost 100% complete. The look, feel and basic mechanics are pretty much spot on.

The setup here is that Samus runs out of gas and has to make an emergency landing on some rando planet, and plunge into their cave network to look for some. That doesn't make much sense, but it makes even less sense when bosses like Kraid from previous games turn out to be just hanging around down there.

But again, it was basically meant as a proof-of-concept type deal and a snack to hold the clamoring hordes over until the AM2R release, and for that purpose it's quite good. It's a nicely designed little hour or two of Metroid that's worth playing for series fans looking for something new. And unlike AM2R, Nintendo never objected to this one so it's still freely available for download without having to roll the dice on dicey uploads by randos to file sharing sites.

Aside from the short length, the only thing to complain about here is not much overall challenge and bosses that are grindy but not difficult. Three bosses from previous games are sorta airdropped in, but not implemented nearly as well as Nintendo handled them.

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