MAD NURSE / Firebird Software / Commodore 64

This Commodore 64 obscurity is kind of like a more elaborate version of Tapper. Instead of fielding sliding brewskis, you take control of a nurse whom you have to run up the three horizontal planes to snatch up errant babies and return them safely to their cribs.

The nurse isn't actually mad, but the facility she works for certainly has issues with both construction and safety protocols. The roaming babbies are at risk from all sorts of environmental hazards such as power outlets, toilets and bottles of strange chemicals. The facility is willing to tolerate a few gruesome baby deaths, but too many on a level and your nurse is sent packing. You get six lives, each of which is actually a different palette-swapped nurse each with their own amusing names. Guess this place is run by the same people who own Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.

It's almost a really good little arcadey action game, but unfortunately the level design is poorly balanced. There's often just not enough time to get to new babies who wander onto the screen before they make a beeline for a deathtrap. Complicating things greatly is the fact that they can also pop back out of the cribs at random. You get a stock of sleeping gas grenades to temporarily keep the babies out of trouble until you can get to them, but they're only adequate assistance in the first few levels.

As far as the baby deaths go, only the most sensitive will likely get triggered by them. The baby sprites are kinda poorly-defined lumps to begin with, and deaths usually just involve them changing color then fading out. The worst of the bunch is the electrocution, where you actually get an anguished (though not very baby-sounding) scream to accompany their jolting.

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