01 / 14 / 2020

We have just received word that MONSTER IS ATTACKING TOKYO. We'll have to fight off the mutated rage of Demolition Girl (PS2, 1/5), possibly the only "giant woman in bikini" game ever made, and King of the Monsters 2 (Arcade, 2/5), SNK's follow-up to the neat-looking but very cheap and clunky kaiju brawler.

01 / 10 / 2020

We're getting off to a hot start in this newest of years by giving negative reviews to two cult favorites - Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter (PS2, 2/5), which was essentially the final entry for the series and took it in a real weird and dark direction, and Vandal Hearts (PS1, 2/5), Konami's awkward attempt to horn in on strategy-RPGs that has a surprisingly based story but also just godawful map design. Obviously my new years resolution was to get more fun fan mail and DMs!

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