Sure, the auto-scrolling is primitive and choppy, but Knightmare is actually pretty damn entertaining and well-made if you give it a chance. It has a ton of both weapon and armor upgrades, and the enemy attack patterns are generally well thought out to be fairly challenging without also relying on being cheap, a trick a lot of more advanced sh'mups wouldn't be able to pull over the coming years.

Though by today's standards this game looks antiquated and clunky, it was actually fairly graphically impressive in its day, especially considering that the original MSX was unusually bad for any kind of scrolling action games even among the computers of the time. Getting a competent auto-scrolling shooter working to any degree on a 1980s computer is a technical feat, and there's a real short list that actually remain any fun to play today. And though vertically scrolling sh'mups had been around in the arcades since 1981, the idea of "shooter on foot" with detailed backgrounds and physical obstacles restricting the player's path was actually brand new at the time, debuting in the arcades only a year before with SNK's Ikari Warriors and Capcom's Commando.

If you've got the patience, it's got eight levels with varying backgrounds interspersed with boss battles at the end. Some of the boss attacks are pretty neat with the dev team finding interesting ways to give them more impressive moves than just pumping out pellets, like the giant who rips a chasm in the ground toward you. Kinda a spiff little chiptunes soundtrack too, with music that changes with each new level. Only real issue, outside of it just plain being primitive, is that it gets brutally tough after the first level or two and you're given an extremely limited stock of lives to negotiate the entire game with.
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