IT'S MR. PANTS / Rare / Gameboy Advance
It's Mr. Pants is best described as "Tetris except nothing falls." You get blocks in various shapes already scattered on the playfield, and the goal is to use a sequence of blocks you can place to make them into rectangles.

It's also based on what was apparently a long-running Easter Egg character for Rare, though I guess he was pretty well-hidden as I can't recall ever seeing him anywhere. He speaks in a really obnoxious voice and seems obsessed with men's briefs. The game also rolls with an intentionally scrawled art style in the manner of Earthbound, though it doesn't come off nearly as well here.

The gameplay just doesn't work for me. You can choose from two basic modes - "puzzle", where you have a fixed and limited sequences of pieces you have to deploy with absolute precision, and "clean the mess", where you just have two minutes to deploy an endless sequence of pieces to clear all the crap on the board. Either way, the fact that you can only see two pieces ahead kinda jams things up. In puzzle mode, it leads to initial guessing, followed by simply replaying the level a couple times to know what's going to appear ... it works a little better in "mess mode", but still leads to consternation as you can't really come up with any kind of long-term strategy. You just kinda have to hope the right pieces show up at the right time.

The game does have a small fanbase and maybe it just requires a little more patience, but it doesn't make that easy on you with the grating Mr. Pants voice in your ear constantly and the unappealing art.
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