Some of the other Home Alone games actually got kinda creative with trap-setting and timers and such, but this one is just a straight-ahead platformer. Maybe a little reminiscent of The Goonies 2, but with a much smaller game world and just generally crappier.

The intro cinematic makes it appear that this is actually an unofficial Home Alone 2, as the Wet Bandits are out of the joint and immediately go back to young Kevin's house like a couple of obsessive weirdos. This time, they've brought a "gang" of Mafia stereotypes to support them, though these guys are about the most passive and useless criminals ever.

The goal is to collect up all of the McAllister's hidden valuables around the house, found by pressing Up on or just touching certain places. Once collected, you have to make periodic stops by random dumbwaiters which send them to an inexplicable bank vault in the basement. Careful about uncovering valuables in the presence of the goons, though, or they finally seem to snap out of their drugged-out daze and run off the screen at top speed with them.

Kevin has some weapons to defend himself with, but the rules about how they work seem to be random. Shots to the nuts of the Mafiosi occasionally connect, but not often. Harry and Marv seem impervious to everything, and they are also the only enemies that aggressively pursue you. However, they're not much brighter than their buddies and will easily get hung up on terrain or keep walking into the same trap over and over (sliding off the screen with an amusing grunt).

Get all the available treasures down to the vault, and the level caps off with a boss battle that has you jumping through lackadaisical Castlevania bats before facing some random enemy like a giant spider or ghost. Whom you usually just have to kinda dodge until enough shit randomly falls on it. Then it's onto a new level cycle where some of the house rooms and details get switched up.

The game is ... competent, I guess? It's playable enough, though it's simple and on the boring side it won't give you a headache with bad controls or bad design or anything like that. There's also a decent level of background detail to keep the different rooms visually interesting, and the music isn't bad. The game is just extremely basic, obviously aimed at little kids.

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