The MSX in Japan was analogous to MS-DOS gaming on Western PCs in the 1980s, i.e. it was a poorly-optimized platform for side-scrolling action games. The MSX version of the Famicom Goonies game addresses this by slowing the action down and taking things on a screen-by-screen basis, with a more deliberate pace that is kinda like Pitfall!.

You can see elements from the Famicom game re-used here, like finding inventory items that protect you from environmental hazards and having to find and free the locked-up Goonies with keys. This one is slower-paced and actually more challenging, however. Mikey is stiffer and less responsive, yet there's a generous amount of hazards for him to run into on each screen.

The way they handle the Fratellis in this one is interesting as well. You're hunted by some sort of creature with a duckface that is covered in green slime, I assume that's supposed to be one of them. My mental backstory is that in this version of the Goonies, one of them fell into an underground pool of toxic sludge a la The Joker. Anyway, the Predator Fratelli seems to move around independently through the level, and also seems to have some line-of-sight programming to track you with. On occasion they'll just kinda spawn or fall on you randomly, however, which is where you usually take the biggest chunks of damage.

The structure here is quite different too. There are five levels, but you have to find all seven Goonies in each level. That involves finding keys strewn about to open the various locked doors which contain a mystery prize. Some contain a Goonie, some have a healing item. Some also spawn a piece of equipment elsewhere on the screen when you open them. Equipment can break in this one after a few hits, however, like the helmet which will disappear after it absorbs four or five stalactites.

Mikey also gets EXP for punching out the skulls and etc., but I think it just raises your max life a bit with each new level.

This is the hardest of the Goonies games by far as you're given only one life and very limited opportunities to heal, and the levels tend to be fairly large. It's rough enough just getting through the first level on one life let alone five!


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