GEOMETRY DASH / RobTop Games / Android
Geometry Dash is basically a Bit.Trip game without the tie-in to the beat / music, and also with only the ability to jump. It's also got more of a dash of that demanding ultra-hard platformer aspect of games like Super Meat Boy and VVVVVV. The difference here is that you're expected to take each level entirely in one go without dying in the standard mode of play, though a practice mode is available that grants you periodic checkpoints. Levels alternate between precision jumps through and over various obstacles and a jetpacky bit towards the end which is usually a little easier to manage.

I guess this format is better suited to mobile, where you're less likely to become impatient with the game if you're only playing it in bursts of a couple of minutes once in a while. But the balls-hard ultra-demanding style does not play well at all if you're looking to sit down and relax with something for 20 or 30 minutes. The whole game is just a packet of 20 or so levels that last about two to three minutes each, with the playtime solely being stretched out by the fact that they're really really hard.
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