FRUIT NINJA / Halfbrick / PC
Fruit Ninja is one of those casual phone games that has become so popular it's almost obnoxious solely due to ubiquity. If you're on some sort of "core gamer" crusade against anything "casual", I guess you're obligated to hate it and I won't try to change your mind. While I find the overwhelming bulk of casual games to be total shit, I'm open to a decent one, and Fruit Ninja is decent. It's a bone-simple concept, but the execution is pretty much perfect.

Fruit flies up in the air, you swipe across the screen to slice it. Bombs are periodically thrown into the mix, and if you slice one of those, it's game over. In "classic" mode, you also can't let more than two fruit pieces fall off the screen unsliced or you're done. In "arcade" mode, it matters not how many fall, but you have a time limit that you have to extend with combos. "Zen" mode is basically "arcade" minus the bombs.

The game is about as shallow as it gets, but it's pitch-perfect at what it aims to be -- mindless entertainment for a few minutes here and there when you're bored on the bus, on line, etc. It's colorful and nicely presented, the juicy fruit splatters are satisfying, the physics feel right and the swiping is responsive. It also has a little "pay to win" stashed away in the background, but it's unobtrusive. It doesn't have the grossly manipulative design of a Candy Crush or the bullshit randomized physics of Angry Birds. It's just a decent, simple idea done well and good for the creators doing so well off it as far as I'm concerned.

Only issue is if you're playing on a Windows 8 lappy/desktop without a touchscreen, you're at a serious disadvantage as the more complex stretches of the game expect you to use multiple fingers at once. Kinda like high school am I rite ooo errrr Missus.
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