FROSTY'S BUSY NIGHT / Commodore Power / Commodore 64
Frosty's Busy Night is a pretty neat little competitive split-screen platformer, not the sort of thing you're used to seeing on the humble Commodore 64. Picture Sonic 2's split-screen gameplay, but with more the graphical level and style of Pitfall, and you're most of the way there.

Two Frosties are racing at the behest of some demented Santa, and they'll melt instantly if they fall into a pit or touch an obstacle. You have to pick up a present falling off a conveyor belt at the end of Santa's game of death, then reverse direction and come back through the course to bring it to him and score some points. Repeat until one player can't take it any more, since it never seems to end or move on to another level. I guess this is like the proving ground for Santa's snowman special forces or something, as a present distribution system this seems ludicrously inefficient.

Anyway, as you can see from the split screen, it's clearly intended as a two-player competition. You can play it solo score attack style if you really want to, however; you get a stock of only three lives and have to reset the game if you deplete them.

There's not a whole lot of longevity here, but it's pretty solidly made and can actually be some good fun for two players. Also helped by the kickin' chiptunes rendition of Frosty the Snowman that accompanies the action.
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