FREEWAY MUTANT / Butterscotch Shenanigans / PC

That feel when a game literally thrown together in 10 hours is better-made and provides you with more entertainment than some multimillion-dollar games you could think of.

Apparently Freeway Mutant was part of a Twitch game jam in which the developers built it from scratch in 10 hours and streamed the whole process. Ya got a mutant, a blaster and an endless stretch of post-apocalyptic freeway. Steer the mutie around pits and land mines, and he'll automatically gun away at enemies when you're lined up with them. It's an "endless runner" in which the basic goal is to just last as long as you can, but there's an element of progression in that you carry over various collectibles from attempt to attempt and use them to upgrade the power of your weapon.

I'm not the biggest endless runner aficionado, but this was the first one I'd seen that implemented this particular shooting and upgrade mechanic. It adds a nice little layer to the basic endless run formula, and I was surprised to find that the game auto-saves your progress when you quit out and return.

Basic but good sound work too. There's an appealing little cyberpunky music loop that plays, and the sounds when the enemies explode are satisfying.

Sure, the game is just a typical mobile-style time-waster to be played for a few idle minutes here and there, but damned if it doesn't serve that purpose pretty well. Not too shabby for 10 hours of effort. There's a PC version floating around that I think I got through some Humble Bundle or another (used to be free but got yanked from the dev's website apparently); if you want it in mobile app form it's a freemium deal that displays ads and asks $1 to give you a gun upgrade and take the ads away.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video