Here's a little AD&D fantasy dungeon crawl type RPG that was fairly big for the PC at one point ... apparently Capcom bought the rights to port it to the SNES. There's some real basic story about going into some cave to kill some evil eyeball that's terrorizing a town. Let's jump in and check out the gameplay.

Here we see Character Generation , the first step in your quest. Characters conform to the standard Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rules and you can keep "rolling" them in the hopes of getting better stats. There's also a pretty wide variety of crazy faces for you to customize them with.

As the quest begins we immediately get dumped off into some random dungeon , with the entrance blocked off by rocks , and no explanation as to what's going on! OK , onward we go!

Here we see the outcome of my first frantic battle with the forces of evil! I order Stubs to strike with his mighty axe ... and he drops it at his enemies feet. It takes me a sec to realize that I have to push a different button to attack. After re-equipping Stubs the assault begins anew! He swings , but misses! I order CM to strike and the cursor mysteriously goes back over to Stubs...I guess everyone else will handle the fighting , he's just here to supervise! OK , I swiftly order Wino to strike and ... his weapon disappears. Jesus takes a swing , but apparently he's stuck behind everyone else because I'm told he "can't reach".....

Frustrated with my party's incompetence , but filled with resolve , I reset the game ....

OK , no more fucking around. CONAN is here , and he's brought Subotai - thief and archer! As well as his wench and Stinky the Mage. I read somewhere online that you can pick up random bones later and revive them into new party members , but that must be exclusive to the PC version , as the game forces you to create 4 players here.

The aftermath of my rematch with the group of 5 kobolds. I learned here that the 3rd and 4th characters you create get stuck in the back row and apparently can't fight with melee weapons. Also, anyone equipped with a knife will automatically throw it then be weaponless for the rest of the battle. However , you can attack with both hands at the same time which is kind of cool. Conan thrashes the enemy up with his sword and meaty fist. I try to get Stinky in on the action by using magic but upon opening his spell book .... apparently you don't start with any spells. So he and Subotai sit uselessly in the back row while Wench gets raped into a corpse and Conan is forced to defeat all 5 enemies singlehandedly.

Anyway ... roamed through the rest of the first dungeon ... more clunky battles with Kobolds and Worms , and you have to put rocks on panels to open doors and stuff ... then I went on and got killed by some creatures in the second level. It looks like you spend the entire game in this cave going deeper and deeper , you don't pop out to go to towns or anything.

Looks like it had potential to be a decent dungeon crawl and the PC version was probably better. The control is a little too clunky and the battles too irritating in this one. Menus are set up poorly as well.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video