ELVIRA REMAKE / Obsoleet Classics / PC

There was a lot to like about Horrorsoft's Elvira RPG, but I always found it to be a little too much of a pain-in-the-buns to stick with. The great sound work, moody atmosphere and innovative and gory combat were kinda wasted on a game that was too brutal to the player and just generally clunky.

Good assets + cumbersome interface / design adds up to a game that's an ideal fan-remake candidate, however ... and enter one Streaks of Obsoleet Classics, who has apparently been low-key toiling at just such an enterprise for several years now.

This isn't an aesthetic remake; it keeps the original art, music and sound assets from the MS-DOS version and instead focuses on fixing the game's various problematic structure and user interface issues. For example, you can now use WASD to move about instead of clicking with the mouse. Inventory handling is modernized, and the ability to quicksave and quickload at any time has been added. The sprawling actions sidebar from the original has also been pared down, with relevant actions only appearing in it when you have the appropriate item in hand. The spell interface is also much improved, with a convenient list available from Elvira's kitchen that shows you the ingredients you need for each and the ability to drop them off there so they aren't cluttering up your inventory.

A bit of content has also been added - backstory from the game manual has been incorporated into game text in various places. A handful of new screens have also been added as well as some small touches to the backgrounds to add detail.

It appears to be technically fully playable, aside from a couple of later-game puzzles not being complete (which requires you to use a debugger key to simply get all the important items dumped into your inventory). The big issue right now is that combat has not been implemented, and there also appears to be no way to die. None of the usual random enemies are wandering about, and the ones that are fixed encounters (like the second time you meet the guard captain) simply do their animations and dialogue up to the point of the fight and then just disappear. Likewise, fixed instant deaths (such as walking in on the werewolf in the stable early in the game) are still present, but after the death animation the monster simply disappears and the game carries on.

So at the moment all you can really do is toodle around the environment and solve maybe like 80% of the puzzles without any combat. From what I can see poking about his site, the designer last updated this in mid-2018 and is non-committal and unclear about whether they'll ever finish it or not. So this Elvira: Babby Version with no combat may be as far as this project ever gets.

Hopefully not, though, as I love remakes like this that focus on UI fixes and design tweaks while preserving the essence of the original experience.

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* Developer's page (download)

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