ELEVATOR ACTION / Taito / Arcade

Elevator Action is a neat game, and certainly was much neater when it was a brand new concept in 1983 and had top-of-the-line graphics for the time. It suffers a bit from stiff handling, however, and cheap deaths here and there.

Some super spy rappels into a building from the roof, the goal is to steal documents hidden behind red doors, then get down to the bottom floor where your super spy super sports car is waiting for you to roar off in. If you forget a document and go to the car, the spy gets a comically shocked look on his face, then you are teleported back to just before the highest document you missed. A nice touch over simply eating one of your lives, I guess.

Creativity in the level design and how you move about it is what makes this one so entertaining. The best bit is obviously crushing a hapless enemy agent to death when they walk over the top of an elevator. Even better is when they unwittingly crush one of their friends underneath one.

The only issue with the game is the "house rules" technique thrown in to keep the quarters flowing. A few times each level, an enemy will spawn from a door below you as you're going down, then just stand there and post up waiting for you to arrive. 90% of the time in this case, they'll shoot you before you can shoot them, and 90% of the time waiting on them or jiggling the elevator around doesn't work to move them from their position. You also can't sit still for very long as if three or four enemies gather in a corridor with you, half will fire high and half will fire low, which is virtually undodgeable.

Videos :

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