DUKES OF HAZZARD / Atari / Atari 2600
       They do jump this, though not on the title screen
This unreleased beta is actually more like a maze game than a racing game. You navigate a scrolling playfield and try not to get nabbed by police cars. You also have to reach the top of the playfield before Boss Hogg advances on Daisy Duke (in a rather uncomfortable reminder of Custer's Revenge).

By Atari 2600 standards it actually isn't bad, it has a clear structure and is at least somewhat challenging as the police cars will go super-aggro if you get too close and nab you with an invisible grappling hook or something. It definitely needed some tightening up, though, there's a number of areas where you find a narrow passage blocked by a car and have no real option but to drive way around to the other side of the screen tediously.
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