DUKES OF HAZZARD II: DAISY DUKES IT OUT / SouthPeak Interactive / PlayStation One

Daisy Dukes It Out came out hot on the heels of the original Dukes PS1 racing game (Racing For Home), and it's pretty much just a new story and new tracks in the exact same engine. The title is a bit misleading, as you'll once again be playing as the Dukes in the General Lee for most of this one, with Daisy (and her white Jeep) only getting a handful of levels.

With the first game, I really appreciated the attempt to make you feel like you were playing an episode of the show, down to the developers recruiting Waylon Jennings as the narrator and as many of the original actors as they could. Ancient CGI aside, this sequel also does a nice job of making you feel like you're playing through a new Dukes episode with lengthy between-level cutscenes.

However, the big problem with the first game was that the actual gameplay was trash. Since this is the exact same engine, this one has the exact same problem. The General Lee still handles like a boat and still flails wildly with any minor impact with another vehicle, and Daisy's Jeep isn't much more nimble.

On the plus side, the levels are now populated with a lot more background details (many of them destructible). On the minus side, the levels are hacked together from completely different maps, with a lengthy load time that comes out of nowhere when you move from one to another. Some levels have three or four of these sudden map shifts!

Daisy's levels are also among the hardest thanks to jankiness in how the timer is handled. Instead of racing it out with the baddies in her little Jeep, Daisy's levels find some contrivance to have you collect "rally flags" around Hazzard. Of course, this has to be done within a time limit. Problem is, when you switch maps, it does unpredictable things to the timer. It usually cuts off some of your time, sometimes huge amounts (up to 30 seconds from my experience).

As with the prequel, I wish there was a better game to accompany the fidelity to the TV show. Good effort in the presentation, but as soon as you're actually handling a vehicle it all goes to poop.

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