Chick Chaser is a freeware indie Adventure Game Studio game back from around 2005 or so. The name would lead you to believe you're in for Leisure Suit Larry Lite, but it's actually more like Les Manley. There's no T&A whatsoever, it ends up being just a straightforward quest to help hapless college student Andy get his girlfriend Amy back after she catches him leering at another girl and breaks up with him.

The "chick chasing" aspect is that Andy and his friend hatch a harebrained scheme to make Amy jealous by having Andy bring another girl to the big school party that everyone is attending. So Andy will scour campus looking for prospects, and naturally end up entwined in a series of adventure game puzzles as he tries to curry their favor.

Andy's school (and entire game world) consists of only about six screens, and there's roughly an hour of total gameplay time here if you know exactly what you're doing. So the challenge naturally revolves around obfuscation, which is far from the greatest way to design adventure game puzzles. About 80% of the time the puzzle solutions are straightforward and fairly obvious, but in the other 20% you'll be carefully combing every pixel of screens for obscure hotspots that aren't immediately evident.

Not to say the game is bad. The puzzle design could have used some work, but I think that's mostly owed to the no-budget one-man design style and the lack of game world real estate to work with more than anything. It's fairly charming on the whole, and even has a decent unexpected twist in the middle. I was a little disappointed with the ending, with Andy's reconciliation with Amy reading like how a teenage virgin thinks relationships are supposed to work, but apparently there are actually eight different endings (depending on choices made along the way) and some are quite bizarre (a la Silent Hill 2).

Sprite work and backgrounds are very decent, what little music there is is passable with the exception of that weird repetitive La Bamba riff on the map screen ... the portraits of the girls look too much like Ancient Assonauts to be attractive but you don't see those very often. It's not as good as the Sierra and LucasArts comedy romps that clearly inspired it, but it's a respectable effort on the whole and could be a good snack for the voracious old-school adventurer.
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