CHEF'S LUV SHACK / Acclaim / Nintendo 64
Chef's Luv Shack rounds out the trilogy of Acclaim South Park games for the 64-bit systems. This one seems like it had the least amount of attention paid to it; it's basically a glorified Flash game that's part trivia and part Mario Party that sometimes has embarrasing production values. That said, it's actually a halfway OK party game for casual players, mostly thanks to the inclusion of clones of various arcade classics (like Galaga and Donkey Kong) as the mini-games that appear at the end of each round of questions.

As a solo player don't expect there to be anything at all for you to do here, however -- you really need at least one other player for this to have any entertainment value at all. It's also a little baffling that there's no way to play the mini-games other than having one randomly selected in each round during the main game, since they're by far the most entertaining part of the game, though some of them are on the janky side.

This actually could be an OK get-together game for big fans of the show, but that's about all it's good for.
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