Caprice Doll is a pervy Mario clone in which the titular Caprice seems to have lost use of her legs, but gets about on a Tentacle Turtle who can run and jump. It's a fairly standard platformer in which you avoid various bug- and plant-themed enemies, collect coins and gems, and can collect various enemy abilities like throwing fireballs and such. The difference here is that some enemies will grab Caprice and subject her to their molestations when close, and you have to tap the jump button repeatedly to break free. When an enemy strikes the fatal blow, you also get their special H-scene graphic to accompany your Game Over screen, and these are collected in a gallery off the main menu.

Caprice plays like a simpler and more primitive Mario ... I really could see this having been made in Klik N Play. It picks up an Xbox 360 pad automatically, but unfortunately it seems to omit the "run" button, which is vital to getting past level 3 or so. There's no way to remap buttons, and the keyboard is disabled automatically when you plug a pad in, so you're pretty much forced to play with the keyboard and the key layout is kinda clunky and awkward. Joy2Key or something like that might solve the problem if you're really determined, but I don't think it's worth the effort.

Hentai aside, this might actually be an OK little platformer if the controls weren't goofed up. It does seem to have quite a breadth of pictures to unlock if you're into giant bugs and monsters molesting girls, though.
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