Become Tentacle's big claim to fame is that it plays like the original two Ys games, with the "bump combat" where you have to basically approach an enemy from any angle but head-on to do damage. You're this tentacle beast unleashed on a fairly small town, and you'll wade your way through what appear to be British bobbies equipped with pikes and meat cleavers on your quest to find and violate eight women.

Other than the bumpery, it's your standard h-game with the static non-interactive series of pictures when you blunder into Secks. It was amusing that the violation pauses so that each woman can get a fairly elaborate origin story as to why they secretly enjoy it, and also how their faces instantly switch from fairly normal to this insane bug-eyed tongue-out "rapture of Cthulu" type face as the monster gets about his bidness. And how a Costco bucket of mayonnaise basically gets thrown over each scene toward the end.

It's a pretty stupid game and clearly pitched to an unstable and disturbing fantasy, but I was gonna give it a point or two just for having full voice-acting for the H scenes despite this being some budget jonky Flash game, and basically the audacity of being an Ys porn game (and to tweak SJWs). But apparently there's an underage scene, which is an automatic zero around here. I didn't stumble into it personally, I just went straight for De Big House and violated the cleaning staff and some swordswoman before some better swordswoman showed up and wrecked me with insane wavedashes, but if you visit the official page you can see some of it proudly on display. You also never seem to get around to destroying the town, which I felt a little shortchanged by.

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