What could have been a cute little mascot soccer game a la Mega Man Soccer instead turns into a clunky, unplayable mess.

The biggest issue is that movement is locked to the four cardinal directions only. In addition to the choppy movement you'll also be dealing with inaccurate shooting and passing, as well as rock-stupid AI on both sides of the ball. Really, you're constantly wrestling to get the game to do anything you want it to do.

Banpresto's big properties are represented here -- Godzilla, Ultraman, Masked Rider, even Jet Jaguar makes an appearance as the Godzilla team's defensive corps. It does one-up Mega Man Soccer with some differentiated sprites, like one of the Godzilla attackers sports a long blond wig. So there was some personality and potential here, but the gameplay is just too unforgivably crappy.
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