Rehash masters Capcom pump out another Onimusha less than a year after the first one, using the exact same engine, doing absolutely nothing to fix the problems that made the first game such a pain to play.

Same tank controls. Same bizarre ignoring of the dual analog sticks. Same terribly plotted fixed camera angles that often block your view of the action completely - I spent more than half of the fight against the first boss looking at his back blocking most of the camera. Same ridiculous heaps of tedious respawning enemies and mandatory required repetitive hacking. Same clumsy dialogue and bad voice acting. Same Resident Evil-style backtracking and out-of-place logic puzzles just casually scattered all over the place.

The one new addition? A "hub world" village that serves little purpose. I mean, you can't buy anything, you can't even rest and restore your health! The only purpose it serves is as a hangout point for the game's new NPC companions, who appear totally at random in hostile areas, then disappear just as inexplicably. You can find gifts to give them as you gallivant around, and giving the right gifts to the right ones apparently ups their affection for you, and makes them join you in boss fights and appear to help more often. Doesn't help any of the game's playability issues.

Videos :

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