TEKKEN 2 / Namco / Arcade

Cranked out only a year after the first game, Tekken 2 has a very samey feel. The engine is basically identical with only some minor tweaks and all the old characters come back along with about as many more as unlockables (though some are basically model swaps with existing characters as far as moves.) They tossed in some new backgrounds and new outfits for the old guys but really, this is more like Tekken: Turbo Edition than a proper sequel. Just, y'know, not the same jump in quality as SF2T was from SF2.

The thing that sinks this one for me is the CPU difficulty being cranked up for the sake of quarter inhalement. With no Tekken experience whatsoever, after an hour or so of play I was able to beat the first game with most of the characters. With this one, after multiple hours with a variety of characters, I still can't get past match 3 or 4. The CPU insta-ducks or counters nearly everything, and uses the new throw counter for like 4 out of every 5 throws you attempt. Cheap as balls.

So it's really the same story as the first game, except that instead of getting boring and repetitive without someone of the same skill level to practice against, you likely won't even get anywhere at all in it and just give up. Understandably it's an arcade game and was made to be played competitively but those days are long, long gone and what's left is just kind of a tedious mess for the solo player. I do dig being able to tune up on people as a bear or a kangaroo tho.

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