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So, there was an Aliens 3 game released commercially for the NES, but never one based on the original movies in the franchise. This was the game slated to be tied in with the second movie, and was actually released in Japan for the MSX2 computer system, but this NES port never made it out of beta. Thus it's not rated, since it's an incomplete and rather short product, but still long and playable enough to constitute an actual "game". Aside from the fact that it was never released, it's also notable in that it's a rare action game from Squaresoft in their early years where they did almost nothing but RPGs.

Anyway, if you're looking for some sort of rough-but-fun quality gaming experience, don't waste your time. This one is for the Alien-curious only (and those who are just fascinated with unreleased games.) There's some promise here for a decent run-and-gun if it had been finished up; it's sort of like a cross of Rush-N-Attack with Mega Man as far as level structure and the feel of the gameplay. And Nobuo Uematsu contributes a decent musical score that sounds surprisingly like Bionic Commando music. However, Ripley's jumping is god-awful, and there's tons of ledges that you can't quite clear and have to force-glitch your way past by pressing and jumping repeatedly - some of which are over pits, so I assume you just need blind luck and a lot of perserverance and patience to get past the first level.

I didn't get farther than that due to not being able to jump nearly as high (or do that double-jump-roll thing) as the guy in the 1Up video for whatever reason, so I was basically stuck at a bullshit pit in the first level. Watching the video, however, apparently the second level is the most extended part of the game and has a bit of a non-linear Goonies 2 element to it. Apparently later on in the third level you also get to see hanging corpses with chestbursters coming out of them, surprisingly gruesome for Nintendo in the 8-bit era. And there's a huge Alien Queen who trys to tongue-rape you as the final boss.

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