SAMOROST / Amanita Design / PC

Samorost is one of those "escape the room" Flash games, only instead of escaping rooms, you're helping a little pajamas spaceman dude save his gonad-looking planet from a foresty-looking planet that's heading right for it. This entails basically helping him find his way through six screens on the forest planet.

Samorost distinguishes itself by being really trippy and random, like navigating a Monty Python animation. Of course, this quality, combined with the very short length of the game, means all difficulty is based around good ol' Dream Logic and Pixel Hunting. Puzzles only sort of half make sense, or only make sense in retrospect once you've seen what happens, and most of the game is just identifying all the clickable hotspots on the screen and then figuring in what order and at what times to click them.

The game literally won't take you more than fifteen minutes to complete and seems more like a demo/teaser for the commercial sequel Samorost 2. It's cute and free, though, and if you need to goof off at work for a bit it's as good a way as any.

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