SONIC ROBO BLAST 2 / Sonic Team Jr. / PC

Ever wonder what Sonic might have looked like if Sega decided to try a 3D version of the game back in the DOOM/Quake era? Wonder no more as Sonic Robo Blast 2 is on the scene. It's a heavily modified DOOM engine that allows one to zip through 3D worlds as Sonic, Tails or Knuckles, doing all the usual things these coffeed-up furries do such as ring collecting and showdowns with Robotnik in his flying saucer thingie.

There's a series of single-player levels to work through if you want, but since this is the DOOM engine, there's also multiplayer LAN or internet play. You can play in over-the-shoulder third person, or first-person DOOM style with crosshairs, and there's a few different modes of play for up to four players - tag, race courses, capture the flag, or a battle mode called "match" that has you hucking rings at each other. Kinda like the Mario Kart battle modes, just ... without karts, and with a whole lotta jumping.

The whole thing is neat and inventive, but what I think is best is how much of the whole Sonic zeitgeist is captured in this radically different engine. Of course, the gameplay isn't really the same as any other Sonic title I've experienced, but the sound effects have been replicated to a T, and the new soundtrack is a compilation of original work and remixes that tends to hew to the traditional Sonic catchy techno-electronic sort of sound.

The caveat is that I didn't get to actually play multiplayer, which seems like the most interesting part of the draw here. I guess either my shiz wasn't working for some mysterious reason or just no one was on at the official servers, but they apparently just set this all up about two months ago, so maybe technicalities are still getting worked out.

Still quite impressed with the project and think it's a good one. There's a few rough spots that don't really work all that well in the new and limited 3D engine, like trying to accurately line up strings of plunger jumps. Apparently it's still a work in progress however. As is it's still quite worth checking out.

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