Dr. Chaos appears to be a weird, low-budget knockoff of the Goonies 2. As in Konami's (much better) game, you're exploring a mansion in non-linear style, and the game is divided between side-scrolling action portions and ducking into rooms where the view changes to something like a simplified Shadowgate.

The story is that your brother is a mad scientist who has opened up dimensional rifts full of demons at his mansion or whatever, so now you gotta rescue him by combing the house to find 10 pieces of some Ultimate Laser that is the only thing powerful enough to shoot holes in the penultimate baddie. Each of these pieces is in a side-scrolling level separate from the main house, which you find by combing the rooms and attempting to climb through windows and punching furniture. You have to stumble across the first of these levels all by your lonesome, but it's not that hard as it's two or three doors down from the starting position. After completing that level, you get some sort of a transceiver that flashes when you are facing a wall that hides the entrance to another level.

The game plays like a clumsier, jankier Zelda 2, but with less moves. I guess the gameplay is adequate; it's pretty far from "good", but you can do a whole lot worse on the NES, and the game is playable enough to keep you going for a bit. Where it derails is in the hidden side-scrolling levels; most of these are insanely frustrating jumping contests packed with overpowered, cheap enemies that constantly knock you off of ledges and generally troll you as hard as possible. Ear-grating music and budget graphics don't help the game's case any either.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video
* Romantic ending