HALLOWEEN / Wizard / Atari 2600

This game reminds me weirdly of Clock Tower ... wonder if it was an inspiration/source of childhood trauma for the designers at Human?

Anyway, it's of course based on the famous John Carpenter horror flick of the same name, starring Michael Meyers as the slow-moving supernaturally-strong killer in the weird expressionless rubber mask. Unlike Wizard's other Atari 2600 horror movie license, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, you don't get to play as the killer - this time you're a babysitter guiding kids to "safe rooms" before Michael gets all stabby on them.

Basically the house is divided into two flat floors. Periodically you can enter a door that has another door directly above/below it, which allows you to change floors. But sometimes there's doors in the middle of nowhere, which seem to randomly teleport you to another door on that same floor. Somewhere in all this mess there'll be some squalling kid running around in a panic. You have to find him, then guide him to one of the corner rooms on either floor. Apparently Michael is afraid of corners or something as he never appears in these rooms, and the game gives you a bucket of points for delivering a kid there. Deliver a kid and another randomly spawns somewhere for you to track down. Apparently this goes on forever with no end.

The way Michael moves about is that about 95% of the time he'll just enter the screen you are on at some random point. I like that he sometimes shuffles it up by popping out of doorways, but he's also so incredibly slow you really have to be trying to get killed by him. The only challenge in the game really comes from preventing the brats from getting killed. They're on a plane that's below the area you can actually walk in, so you have to get above them and push the button to get them to follow you. Problem is that this is finicky, and they also sometimes randomly disengage from following and start running around randomly again, often running face-first into Michael while he's following you.

The game quickly gets tedious as all it really breaks down to is running through long stretches of repetitive screens over and over while easily dodging Michael, with no real overall goal other than rackin up Dem Points. The 2600-ified Halloween theme music at the outset is actually pretty well done and neat, but it also plays every time Michael pops on the screen then cuts off when you change screens, which gets ear-grating pretty quickly. The most amusing thing about the game is letting Michael kill the kids and then you - the kids fall over with blood gushing out of their head and your babysitter character suddenly loses her head and runs off the screen with blood spurting from her neck.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video
* Michael pwnin dem fools