Virtua Fighter Animation is a re-telling of the Virtua Fighter anime series in 8-bit cut-scene style, punctuated here and there by a fight scene. You start out as Akira, and as you beat other characters, they are added to your playable roster.

I think the story revamps the anime somewhat - Jeffry, Shun Di and Lion are totally missing from the game, and now the plot revolves around some perv gangster trying to kidnap loli Pai Mei to make her his bride (meanwhile, he's got the much hotter Sarah already in storage and does nothing with her ... what a pedo.) You just go through these linear chapters where the anime is condensed/re-arranged down to 2 or 3 minutes of manga-like cut-scenes, then you do a fight. The fight engine is hideously clunky; it does try to incorporate the signature moves of each character, but the controls are bizarre and random-seeming, and virtually no CPU AI to speak of means you can literally just mash the kick button with most characters and win every fight on the first try. Gives you all of about ten minutes of bad entertainment.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video

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