This is both one of the only reasons for a Sega fan to even bother owning a 32x, and the only version of Afterburner I've encountered yet that I can stand playing for more than five minutes or so. This is due to being a nearly perfect arcade port of After Burner II (which in itself was just an upgrade of After Burner basically), along with selectable difficulty and the ability to give yourself up to six starting lives. You can also adjust the control of the finicky barrel roll, and just set it to a simple tap of the A button. On Easy mode, the game moves at a more relaxed pace and missiles actually come at you slowly enough that you can see them and respond. There's also a cool sound test in the options menu that lets you peruse all the rockin' After Burner tunes. Might just be the best game for the 32x, really.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video
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