SHADOW DANCER / Sega / Arcade

I've played Shadow Dancer on the Genesis and loved it, but never happened to see this one in an actual arcade, and never got around to emulating it until now ... I always assumed that it would just be a superior version of the Genesis port. So imagine my surprise at finally firing it up and finding out it's complete turd!

Well, maybe "complete turd" is a bit harsh, but it's definitely inferior to the Genesis port. You can see where they re-arranged the concepts from this one, but this is really a completely different game for the most part. Unfortunately, despite this being a System-16 game, the Genesis version both looks and sounds a lot better, and the level design is a hell of a lot more inspired. This one is like the worst moments of the first Shinobi clipped out and then put together into one long-running game.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video