GOLDENEYE 2D / Perfect Run / PC

Remember that crappy 007 adventure game that came out on the Gameboy in the wake of Goldeneye 64? This is what it should have been instead.

Indie developers Perfect Run deliver a take on Goldeneye that is something like Contra and Mega Man for Gameboy crossed up with kickin Goldeneye chiptunes. Well, at least for the Arkanglesk dam level. The game was apparently supposed to span five levels originally, but it looks like the developers just decided to abandon it and list it as "complete" instead. Thus the lack of rating.

If it had gone on to be finished, judging by the first level, this would have been pretty quality. The lone complaint I have is that dodging the oncoming enemy soldiers is often a matter of having to run backwards and jump clumsily - I would have liked to have seen better/more advanced gameplay mechanics there, maybe using the plethora of crates lying about as cover.

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