LEFT 4k DEAD / Markus Persson / Java

Why cram a port of Left 4 Dead into 4k of Java script? Why climb Mount Everest? I really don't know the answer to that, but someone went ahead and did it. Like the other Left 4 Dead demake I looked at recently, this one really only has a cursory tie to the original game - blobs that we are told are zombies are rushing you en masse, there's a nice splatter of blood when you shoot them, and you're in a dark environment with a flashlight-like view that only illuminates a small area around you and a strip in the direction you're currently facing.

And as with the other Left 4 Dead demake, it's really leaning on the source material for attention. Remove the Left 4 Dead Curiosity Factor and what you've got is basically a simplistic, more bloody version of Berzerk or Robotron. But there it is, enjoy it for five or ten minutes at work then never touch it again.

Links :

* Play Online (requires Java)

Videos :

* Gameplay Video
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