DRAGON'S LAIR / Readysoft / Sega CD

In compressing Dragon's Lair down from a Laserdisc to a CD, the video has taken a serious turn for the grainy, murky and pixellated. The funny thing is, if you look at the size of the compressed data, it's less than 100 MB, so unless I'm missing something they had plenty more room to work with. Maybe this is the best the Sega CD color palette could handle? Who knows.

Anyway, there's many other versions of Dragon's Lair out there, and most are significantly better looking. This one is pretty complete as far as content, though - AFAIK none of Dirk's death scenes have been censored or excised, the only chops are the short boulder sequence right before the rapids, and his revival when you continue.

More of a problem is that the timing seems "off" on some scenes, or at least way more demanding than I remember it being in other versions. The game comes with a full set of instructions for each room, but even with that, be prepared to try some of them fifteen or twenty times before you figure out how the timing really works. Unfortunately one of those is the very first scene, where the timing of pressing Up is ludicrously finicky, leading to having to listen to some moat monster wheeze "Heavy McMeat!" over and over as you get drowned and devoured.

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