Texas Chainsaw Massacre was one of the first game adaptations of a horror movie franchise, but it does something that we're still waiting for modern horror games to do - let you play as the killer on a slash-fest! I suppose this was due to being produced by Wizard Entertainment, the same company that owned the distribution rights to the movie - they apparently weren't afraid of doing something different.

The game gets by on sheer novelty, but even still it's better than a lot of the utter crap on this system. Leatherface is out in the fields near his house, chasing down little girls that have wandered onto his property. It's kinda like Defender, except with an isometric plane of depth, and you're chopping up children instead of rescuing pixel blobs from aliens. Unfortunately Leatherface isn't much for landscaping, so his yard is strewn with cattle bones, tumbleweeds, and fence fragments, and someone keeps hucking wheelchairs at him from off-screen as a prank. Run into any of these and you're frozen in place until you grind it up with your chainsaw, which takes a couple of seconds, and depletes your precious fuel. Once Leatherface's fuel runs out, a little girl sneaks up behind him and gives him a kick squah in the nuts, apparently putting an embarassing end to his career.

The game is definitely finicky. You get hung up on stuff constantly, which actually makes it pretty challenging since fuel refills seem to come rather sparsely (after an undefined number of kills.) And while you're much faster than the little girls and it's easy to catch up with them, to kill them you have to start up the chainsaw just as the tip of the blade is beginning to make contact with them, otherwise they cast Teleport and wind up behind you running in the other direction! For bonus fun, one of them looks like a "bull dyke" lesbian in a Charlie Brown sweater, of course that's usually the one that ends up delivering the finishing blow to your testicles. It's at least halfway playable, though, and has some lulz value.

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