UP N' DOWN / Sega / Atari 2600

Don't worry, this isn't one of Playaround's awful 2600 porno games ... it's actually a Bump N' Jump clone. With the cart-looking vehicles, the green courses, and the flags, it appears to be some sort of crazed race through a country club, with caddies smashing one another in an attempt to get a lucrative tip from Old Man Withers or something. It does have one novel twist, in that the tracks you are on run diagonally and criss-cross, and you can jump from one to the other freely. You also can land on the other carts and destroy them horribly. It's still really not fun to play, though - as with many 2600 games, in the early going it's way too simple, until the speed and clutter picks up to where it's next to impossible. I guess Sega was also trying to kick graphics on the 2600 up a notch with more detailed backgrounds and sprites, but it really just ends up looking like an ugly mess.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video