VENTURE / Coleco / Atari 2600

Venture is a pretty cool concept, basically a fusion of Adventure and Berzerk. You're in a big dungeon split into a bunch of smaller rooms. You have to move between rooms while avoiding some invulnerable giant beasts called Hallmonsters. Inside each room, there's a treasure you have to grab and escape with, but usually 3 or more enemies patrolling around guarding it. Also, after about 15 seconds, a Hallmonster enters the room and makes a beeline for you in indestructible Evil Otto style.

Unfortunately, the Hallmonsters make too quick of an entry into the treasure rooms in most cases, and combined with the janky directional firing it makes the game a notch too tough to be really enjoyable. Add in the fact that once you've seen the first set of rooms, you've basically seen the whole game, and this one doesn't quite live up to what it could have been.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video