ROAD RASH 2 / Electronic Arts / Sega Genesis

Road Rash 2 has a much easier-to-use menu system, as well as smaller passwords, but other than that it's really just an expansion levels pack using the exact same engine from the first game. So all the pros and cons are the same - same solid gameplay and fun bike trashing action, but also the same frustrating collisions when going over blind hills and repetitiveness that gets tiresome pretty quickly.

The new races break you out of California, taking you to 5 tracks in different U.S. states now - Hawaii, Alaska, Arizona, Tennessee and Vermont. Perhaps the one true selling point to this one is that it adds a simultaneous two-player mode; in the previous game you could only take turns trying to beat each other's times on a track. You can now race in a split screen on the same tracks that the single player takes on, and there's also a battle mode called "Mano A Mano" where you can pick your bike, weapon and track and go up against each other one-on-one.

I think the two-player mode makes this one the version of choice over the prequel by a hair, but honestly, other than that they're nearly the same game.

Videos :

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