COMICAL MACHINE GUN JOE / Sega / Master System

I fondly refer to this one as Earthbound Gunslingers for the variety of cartoony, bizarre enemies, but honestly the game is pretty bad thanks to bad layout and over-difficulty. You actually don't have a machine gun, but play as some Doc Holliday type with a pistol who is gunning it out in various locations with hippies, pigs and spiders. After awhile, a guy in red who I presume is Machine Gun Joe shows up and comically rubs you out with his superior firepower. In the meantime, gunned-down human enemies turn into little kids who then cling to you, and if you collect enough you seem to become smeared in blood - I never figured out whether this was supposed to be a power-up or a hindrance. Anyway, for a 1986 console game the colors are vibrant and it looks good, but you'll get tired of the rough gameplay real quick.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video
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