WING WAR / Imagic / Atari 2600

Mash up Joust, Adventure and Gargoyle's Quest and you might get something like this one ... apparently this odd but interesting game was only ever released in Europe. You play as a dragon who travels through multiple screens defeating other dragons that have elemental powers. Once defeated they drop a crystal that you pick up to change to their color and use their power. You fly by tapping the button, fire by pressing up on the stick, and can do a rad speedy dive by pressing down which is often necessary to grab a crystal before it drifts off into The Void and you have to fight the enemy for it again.

The ultimate goal is apparently to bring the crystals to your home base, as well as also find and move eggs that hatch into baby dragons. The only problem with all this is that it's completely inexplicable as to the overall goals of the game from just playing it, if you don't read the manual or an online synopsis beforehand, you'll really have no idea how to make progress in it. That's the game's main weakness but there's a lot that's interesting about it for a 1982 release - good-looking background graphics and use of color gradients, a fairly complex non-linear structure, and gameplay really unlike anything else of the period. Worth a look for the 2600 gamer.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video
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