WORM WAR I / 20th Century Fox / Atari 2600

This game is LOUD AS HELL, but the sound effects are pretty good and its actually one of the better games on the 2600. It's kind of a cross between Space Invaders, Centipede and a typical scrolling vertical shooter. Apparently giant worms from space are attacking and you've got to fend 'em off. The worms continually spawn in groups of three to five and march down the screen at you diagonally with pretty good animation. Sometimes a UFO (that apparently is dropping them off) appears and if you blast it, the asplosion kills all the worms on the screen. The playfield also increasingly becomes littered with destructible blocks to hamper your progress. It's pretty colorful, the gameplay is decent and the sound effects are effective. About all the more you can ask from the 2600 really.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video