YAR'S REVENGE / Atari / 2600

Seriously? This is supposed to be one of the best unknown games on the 2600? Lol 2600 then, because frankly I'm not even sure what the fuck is going on with this game. You play as what appears to be a heavily armed fly. There's a face surrounded by dirt on the other side of some random flashing barrier. The barrier doesn't actually seem to stop you though, but it does obscure the Pixel Bar of Doom, which chases you extremely slowly around the screen trying to asplode you on contact. When you shoot all the dirt away from Face Dirt Mound ... actually I have no idea from there because the face doesn't ever seem to take any damage. I assume there's more to it than this but you really shouldn't need a manual to figure out a goddamn Atari 2600 game that's centered around shooting pellets. Ugh.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video