ZOO FUN / HomeVision / Atari 2600

No system makes you just scratch your head and wonder what the hell is supposed to be going on more often than the good ol' Atari 2600 does. Oh well, at least it isn't bestiality pixel pron from Playaround, which I was worried about as soon as I saw the title.

Near as I can piece together, you play as this clown hair dood, and you have to run and grab animals who appear on the screen for only a few seconds. When you touch one, you go into another level where you have to negotiate obstacles while trying to catch them - for example, what appears to be a velociraptor is running around in a tree and has to be climbed up after and grabbed (wonder how much he gets paid for this). Pushing the button makes Clown Hair do his special ability which is ... randomly turning invisible? I saw no purpose to this except that it somehow makes you go up or down a level arbitrarily in certain areas. Anyway, while all this muddled mess is going on, you have a life bar constantly ticking down and ear-grating music is playing. Game is complete retarted shite.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video