PUZZLE DE BOWLING / Nihon Soft / Arcade

Puzzle De Bowling is basically a total ripoff of the aesthetics of the Magical Drop series, but also is actually a pretty neat twist on the Drop/Puzzle Bobble formula.

Solo players can play in Puzzle Mode, or against the computer in competitive play. You can also go head-to-head with two players. Either way, the game basically plays like Puzzle Bobble/Magical Drop, but you're in a bowling lane rolling colored balls at pins of the corresponding color. You can roll straight up, or angle the shot various degrees in either direction to try to roll around the first rows of pins and get in behind them. Puzzle Mode just presents you with increasingly complicated sets of pins to clear out and a time limit to do so, while competitive mode has you in a split-screen with another player working to rack up the biggest combos possible to toss more pins onto their side and bury them.

The whole "bowling" angle is kind of underused, as hooking shots behind other layers of pins doesn't really end up getting used all that much except in some of Puzzle mode's later levels. Even so, it's a well-presented and energetic little puzzle game that does pretty much everything right and offers up a unique enough twist to stand apart from the source material it's borrowing from. Neat little obscurity.

Videos :

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