No Escape is based on some obscure movie from 1994 by the same name, that starred Ray Liotta. It's the future in some repressive totalitarian government or something, and Ray's character is in the military. His unit participates in some atrocity of burning a bunch of civilians or something, so Ray shoots his commanding officer. He then gets sentenced to this prison island where there's two tribes, a bunch of dudes trying to live in peace and some Mad Max-esque bunch of thugs. I haven't seen the movie but I guess the game follows along with it and has you fighting the thugs.

"Oh honey you got ass and everythang!"

The intro is actually kind of cool and makes you think you may be in for an obscure treat, but then the actual gameplay fires up and it's just a really shitty platformer/run-n-gun. I think they were going for some sort of combination of the style of Flashback with a traditional side-scrolling beater/shooter/platformer, but they ended up just totally failing at play control and level design. There's a ridiculous delay between pressing a button and performing an action, but the enemies bum-rush you and do damage upon touching you, always giving them a massive advantage.

The game is just such a cumbersome pain to play and has such godawful control that nothing else about it really matters. Basically your typical half-assed movie-to-game shovelware. Avoid.

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