Wild West Cowboys of Moo Mesa / Konami / Arcade

Man, back in the early-to-mid '90s, Konami was all over those kids cartoon licenses. Even a flash-in-the-pan like Wild West Cowboys of Moo Mesa got their full arcade treatment.

The game is basically the spiritual sequel to Sunset Riders, using the same engine and gameplay style. The game also looks and sounds a whole lot like Rocket Knight Adventures, though, making me think the Treasure team might have been involved with this one before they knocked off to form their own company. The bosses that tend to fill whole screens and pull clever tricks on you also help confirm that assumption.

Anyway, this is a very solid run-and-gun, probably only so little known because Moo Mesa was so short-lived in popularity. I was already a little old for it at the time the cartoon came out, but I do remember it being really popular for a year, maybe two at most, then just disappearing completely to make way for whatever the next Kid's Marketing Craze was. The graphics aren't stunning, but they are colorful and well-done, and some of the boss encounters are impressive. I also enjoy how your characters turn into steaks when they die. The music is apparently by a young Michiru Yamane before she moved onto her Castlevania work, the funny thing is the soundtrack sounds identical to the stuff in Rocket Knight Adventures yet I'm not sure she's the one who scored that. Anyway, it's not that great, don't expect some undiscovered Symphony of the Night soundtrack here or whatever. But the game is pretty fun on the whole and a nice obscure find for fans of the Golden Age of Konami.

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