DUKE NUKEM 64 / GT Interactive / Nintendo 64
He's coming for youuuuu ...

Duke Nukem 64 is pretty much a straight-up port of the original PC version of Duke Nukem 3D to the N64. The advantage here is 4-player split-screen, but there's a lot traded off - aside from now obviously having no online play, the game is also heavily censored in standard Nintendo style. Anything saltier than "damn" has been cut or replaced in Duke's macho one-liners, as well as anything approaching "sexual content." Inexplicably, the very decent MIDI soundtrack of the PC game is also not replicated here, leaving you playing the game with nothing but sound effects and ambient noises. And some of the PC version's better and more unique weapons (the RPG? the Freeze Gun? say it ain't so!) are also MIA for some unknown reason. A number of the levels have also had their layouts rejiggered for some reason or another, though pretty much everything from the PC version is still here, and there's still an impressive amount of Deathmatch maps by console standards.

It's a functional FPS, I suppose, but made unnecessary by many better titles on the N64 and the fact that the PC version (already fairly well aged when this came out) is still on the whole better. The one main selling point is an unintentional quirk - you can add 2 to 4 AI "Dukebots" to each deathmatch as either foes or allies. When they play as foes, even on their lowest difficulty settings, they always know where you are and are relentless in hunting you down and ruthlessly blasting you - it's probably the closest experience in console FPS gaming to having the Terminator after you! It's cheap AI programming, but it's also weirdly compelling in a laughable way, especially when playing with friends. There's nothing else here to really get excited about beyond that, though.

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