DOKI DOKI MAJO SHINPAN 2 / SNK Playmore / Nintendo DS

Doki Doki Majo Shinpan appears to use pretty much the exact same game engine as the first game did, down to re-using many of the art and sound assets. Like the first game, it's basically your typical hentai game in that it's a long non-interactive wall of text requiring you only to make a pointless decision or click on the background here and there. The one difference is that you occasionally grope underage girls to test if they are witches, and when you uncover a witch, engage in a Snatcher-like boss battle with them.

The first game promised pedophilic delights in the pre-release hype, but didn't really deliver. You could rub up on the girls and flick their boobies around and stuff, but there was no real nudity or sexual content beyond the light groping. Not being a Pedobear, I was actually pleased by this, as it at least mildly reduces the DS's reputation as the preferred system of old creepy guys who make regular trips to Bangkok on "business." With the second game, however, apparently the Japanese pederast fanbase was highly displeased that the first game didn't "go far enough." And they were catered to, but not as much as the "D" rating (the Japanese equivalent of "R") might make it seem.

To be fair, like the first game, it still isn't that bad. The girls, with one exception, seem to be sexually developed at least. The nudity seems to be pretty mild as well. There just seems to be more of a focus on "stimulating" the girls this time, rubbing their particular spots in the right order or whatever (while fully clothed.) Again, to be fair, you could argue that the target market with this one is young teenage boys, so not only are the girls their age, it sort of adresses their existential angst about touching women and being able to please them and all that. I dunno.

I honestly didn't play much of it since I don't understand Japanese, and I generally refuse to play hentai games even in English since they're so tedious. However, I also generally give games the lowest possible rating automatically if they appear to be pandering to pedophiles. After some deliberation, I have to give this one no rating, since I'm not sure that's the case - the girls are sexually developed, just young, and while the whole concept is certainly a little creepy and definitely pathetic for anyone over the age of 13 or so to be playing, I don't get a major Pedobear vibe off of it (which was also true with the first game.) It's certainly no worse in that regard than much of the crapflood of hentai games that have been coming out of Japan since the 80s.

Oh, the gameplay? I dunno, it looks kind of boring. Really, you should put this time into doing what you need to do to practice these techniques on real girls - you'll find it a LOT more rewarding in the end. Srsly.

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